Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A day at the zoo

After being here for 6 months it was time to visit the zoo. It was a perfect day for it, the sun was shining and everyone seemed relaxed and happy. Sydney's zoo has an amazing view of the city, I start to realise that Sydney is a very pretty city with it's harbors, skylines and many parks.

Even though Ben and I were only there for about 3 hours we were so tired at the end we couldn't wait to be home again. It probably is the heat that's so exhausting. The most interesting animals at Taroonga Zoo were definitely the chimpanzees. I could have watched them for hours climbing their ropes, communicating with each other and even fighting that ended up in smacking the other monkey in the face. So funny!


dina vanessa mercado said...

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Kirsten said...

Naww you're so pretty. Taronga Zoo is fun, i remember standing at that very same giraffe enclosure when I was about 13 or something! Giraffes are cooool.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, i want to go ;-)

AaReAn said...

My faves are always the giraffes! We are going to the san diego zoo today! :-)


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Psycho Cat said...

You are so cute with that hat :)