Thursday, 5 January 2012

I don't want this week to be over..

Since Ben has this week off we are trying to do something different every day. It is the first time since I have moved to Australia that we have more than 2 days off together and I am loving it. This week we went to Cronulla and took the ferry to Bundeena a tiny, tiny town in a natural park. The beach was amazing and so were the houses there. I fell in love with a little beach house up on a hill, which zou can see on the first picture. I kind of love old, little houses with detail in the fence or windows, which is weird because when I was younger I always wanted to live in a mansion. I guess I am kind of over that. Anyways, it was another good day of our christmas holiday week. I don't really want this week to be over, only 4 more days to go!


Anonymous said...

amazing! these photos look like a postcard

Rhe Beep said...

Great pics! I wouldn't want to leave either. Cute cover up!


Skinny said...

If I were you I wouldn't want to leave either- happy new year.

Satin And Salt said...

I love your striped skirt! Perfect for the beach! you and your man look so happy together! I looked thru your blog and I love it! I am following you now! I would love for you to check out my blog and lemme know if you want to follow back!


Magna said...

Thank you for following my blog :) I love your blog, so definitely following back.
Great shots in this post, love them!!

Xx Magna


nita said...

Amazing photos!