Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I had a bird called Hansi. This bird was quite amazing. I got him when he was tiny, little bird from a small pet shop a few kilometres away. I remember they put him into a little box so we could transport him home safely. When we arrived I turned the box around and Hansi didn't move in there. "oh no..." I said to my mum with a sad face, "he's dead already..." but then we opened the box and the tiny bird came out, looking at me angrily as if it was saying "why would you put me into such a tiny black box, it was horrible!" I felt guilty.
This little bird got really attached to me, was sitting on my shoulder while I was watching TV, or greeted me every time I walked into the door. Yes greeted. Every time I called his name he would answer with a happy chirp.
There was a time when I entered the room, he flew directly onto my shoulder. Hansi's cage was always open, so he could decide to get out and fly around whenever he wanted to. Once he had this phase where he always sat onto people's head. It was crazy, as soon as you entered the room you could be sure you'll have a blue budgie on your head in seconds. He freaked out Nico, my dog, who was watching tv. Nico is a Golden Retriever, so Hansi must have mistaken his golden fur with my hair and sat on it. Nico didn't know what the heck was going on and after this little incident he never got any closer than 4m to the cage. As soon as he heard Hansi climbing out of his cage he left the room.
Hansi was also very talented. I learned him how to imitate burps, smacking sounds and whistling. For your information, it was the kind of whistling that boys do when a pretty girl walks past.
When I visited home in November I saw that he had digesting problems due to his age and he became very quiet. I knew it was only a matter of time until this old bird had to leave our world.
Well this amazing bird died today at the age of ten. A reasonable age for a budgie but still, I am very sad. My boyfriend who has never had a pet in his life doesn't really understand the attachment one can have with a pet. For him it is just an animal but I feel like a little piece in my heart is missing, it's aching. I will miss you Hansi, this post is for you, I'll never forget you.


Anonymous said...

wow sounds like a very smart and talented bird, beautiful!

Carla said...

so sorry for your loss!
I had a yellow parakeet and her name was "trixi" had her for 10 years as well!