Monday, 5 September 2011

Good Start - Bad End

What a busy weekend! On Friday I went out with Sydney and some friends, having a fancy dinner and drinks after. It was fun, but I actually felt "a little" hungover the next day. I don't know why I don't have any pictures of that night, I probably just forgot to take some, shame!
On Saturday we went to Ben's brother's engagement party. So much chatting! I got told that Greg's fiancĂ© and I look a bit similar, we could indeed be sisters. Interesting! Well look yourselves! 

Anyways, the highlight of the weekend was today. I was shopping at Westfield and suddenly I felt this sting on my lower back - I thought I am going to vomit onto the counter. I think the shop assistant thought so too. 
I couldn't move, when I tried to step forward I felt this pain going up all along my spine and down to my knee. I didn't want to make a drama in the store so I just smiled and tried to limp out of the shop. I must have looked like a retard. I had to call Ben to pick me up and carry me so I wouldn't put any weight on my left foot. So now I have been sitting (or lying) on the couch for the last 6 hours, feeling quite sorry for myself. I am REALLY in a lot of pain and can hardly move. Plus my semester break is starting tomorrow and I have other plans than lying down all week because of stupid nerve that just decided to get pinched at this very moment. Any day during the semester would have been fine to me, I'd stay home and "be sick", but NOT during my semester break. Thank god Ben's having pity on me too. It does have some advantages. Like the tv remote that is just 5cm too far away? I am trying to reach it, my face wreathing in pain "ouuuuuuuuch, oh noooooooo aarrrghhhh" until Ben sighs, comes over and hands me the remote. Or me, trying to cook. Ben enters the kitchen "Are you alright?" I actually don't feel so much like cooking. Pityful face. Ben: "Go to the living room and lie down, I will cook" and then a "But...."from my side and a final "No you just lie down." from Ben. Ahh...good.
Anyways wish me luck that I will be better tomorrow so I can fully enjoy my holidays. Feel free to feel sympathy for me. And I will hopefully write tomorrow if I don't die tonight. 

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