Thursday, 22 September 2011

One of those days...

You know when you get up and you're not feeling well. There is nothing wrong with you but you would just rather stay in bed... I have one of those days today. Even though it never bothered me to be so far away from home, it does right now...a lot. Maybe it is because I am not so happy with school at the moment or maybe because I had some health issues last week. Sometimes I think it is so different here, and just wish to be home. When I am moody everything annoys me, starting from the public transport over to the dinner that I couldn't make right. I get so frustrated then, that I think the only way out is to go home. But of course I am drama queen and I know that things aren't that bad at all. I usually let it out on my boyfriend who really didn't do anything wrong. But he is patient with me. I am grateful for that, because he can cheer me up on my bad days. It usually takes 10 minutes for him to make me smile the last days it was a little longer than that. I am quite frustrated at the moment...but he makes me see the positive side in everything. And then there's my mum, that I am writing with. She makes me happy and makes me look forward to the nice things in life. I am glad I have those two people around me, even if my mum is only here virtually via iphone or skype. Sometimes things can get really stressful especially when you want to write top essays but you are writing in another language. Or when you have a conversation and you just can't think of the word, but you know it in your native language and just wish you could express yourself better. Anyways, I have to focus on the positive things here and one for sure is the weather. It is so nice out these days, I feel like being in the sun all day. (I am also writing this post on my balcony). The weekend is coming up too and school is finishing soon! There's only 4 more weeks of stress and then I can relax for a while and enjoy some time with my family in Austria...I can't wait!

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