Monday, 26 September 2011

London, I miss you!!!

and this is why:

* Public Transport! Oh how I miss you! When I was in London I complained about waiting for 5 minutes, this is how spoilt I was! Waiting 10 - 15 minutes in Bondi Beach seems average here..
* The people: crazy, amazing people everywhere and no one seems to care! You can wear whatever you want, what you want and when you want. no judgements!
* Shopping: nothing compares to fashion in London!!!
*Getting a group of 15 people dressed up like they just came straight from 1985 and party on a Sunday at 1pm. (or let them dress up as sailors, or anything they want)
* Having bbq's in the garden
* hearing gunshots at night. (oookey that just happened twice, but still, I didn't hear any in Sydney yet!)
* Strongbow Black, my favorite drink in pubs
* Policemen on horses
* Policemen EVERYWHERE on Saturdays during football games
* Policemen at tube stations, oh I felt so safe! (I actually feel very safe in Sydney too though)
* London Westfield, no one can keep up with you!!!
* Cinnamon Pretzel stand in London Westfield handing out free samples every day (and walking past the one person handing them out and then turn around walk past the second person and grabbing ANOTHER piece!)
* Notting Hill: looking at amazing vintage clothes, holding my handbag tight cause I'm scared someone will steal it
* my oyster card: best system for public transport in my opinion
* the polish bakery in Shepherds Bush that had amazing little pies, so perfect for a snack
* loving Shepherds Bush during the day but be so scared at night that I run home every time I am out

But what I don't miss is the weather and mice in every house!!!


Ratzekatze said...

really like the sailor picture :)

Ratzekatze said...

and about london... totally agreed!