Thursday, 8 September 2011

That's ... just weird!

O. M. G.

So I just saw a video about goats on the internet and I NEED to share this with you! Have you ever seen a goat that faints when you scare it? Watch this video about the fainting goats here!!

I actually thought the poor animals are having cramps!! But nope...a genetic condition causes their muscles to lock up which only lasts a few moments. Which means they aren't actually unconscious but just can't move for a few seconds. So every time you scare the goat it will stiffen and fall like a rock. I actually feel a little sorry for those goats, especially if they'd have an owner like me...I mean who WOULDN'T scare those goats all the time, this is hilarious!!!
And now imagine you could do that to your partner. That would be awesome...I like spooking Benny. Seriously, I'd do it even more than I do now. Just terrify someone and they totally stiffen and then laugh at them while they can't move for the next seconds...and then - do it again. Ok, maybe I am going a bit too far now!

I can totally see Benny looking at me, shaking his head in disbelief...thinking I lost my marbles. But anyways, what do you think about those fainting goats?!

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