Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer is definitely on its way

I know that because:

* it was 27 degrees at 9.30 AM yesterday
* Ben and I really don't need all those blankets at night
* the heater is in the far corner now
* students enjoy their time in between classes outside on the lawn
* I felt too hot wearing a cardigan and a jacket
* people wear shorts on the streets
* I have this need of getting some ice cream
* the oranges are getting more expensive
* there are sandals in every shop window
* I feel like having breakfast on the balcony every morning
* there are flowers and trees blooming everywhere
* Ben feels like he has to train more
* I would rather be outside than doing school work indoors

The picture is from my campus. I love it when all the people are relaxing outside in the sunshine. It's such a good atmosphere!


patricia said...

then you'll be really cold, wenn you are comming home in november.. ;)

KK said...

I will probably freeze! But thank god I have lots of warm clothes at home :)))

patricia said...

but if you don't find enough to wear, it would be a pleasure for me to go shopping with you ;))

Anna said...

GOSH this post gets me excited for Summer :) :) Its so true though and I must say I'm going through much of the same. Especially the blanket thing - thats when you know its well on its way. Hello early morning breakfasts in the sun and long days at the beach!

Anna xo

Oh you ALWAYS get it so right :) This outfit is gorgeous and I'm partuclarly Loving those shoes (but I see how come that bangle is your favourite too!) .. I would adore to live in a city where I could live in Summer / Spring clothes all year long. Im visiting LA next year and I cant WAIT!

Anna xo