Friday, 16 September 2011

Where's my money?! Oh yeah, I left it at the doctors'...

Crazy week! I actually felt something coming on Sunday already! Well...after I got eyedrops from the doctor, both of my eyes were inflamed and red. I got sent to the eye hospital and got different eye drops, which didn't help either. I got called in the next day again, to hear "Well, it should have been better today, but I can't see an improvement..we have to monitor this as it's not just a simple eye infection" Well, yeah ok, but not when I am paying $120 every time I see you for 5 minutes, doctor! I went to an eye specialist yesterday and he told me that they treated me for the wrong thing! I got new eyedrops and my eyes were better immediately!
I am so glad I went to the specialist...I have left almost $400 in just 3 days in Sydney's doctors' bank accounts and it doesn't look like I'll be able to claim it back...but healthy eyes are more important than that!

It looks like I have to wear my glasses for the next weeks and I shouldn't be in direct sunlight, which is great given that it's going to be 28 degrees tomorrow - the hottest it has been since I've been here. (I actually mean it is devastating, I'd rather be on the beach than sitting inside..) but hey, at least I don't have red zombie eyes anymore!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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