Thursday, 29 September 2011

Maybe the best hot chocolate I've ever had?

After a few hours of cleaning the apartment on Sunday I thought we have to reward ourselves (I basically  reward myself for almost everything, like good grades, cleaning, or after I've been really sick, etc. It's fun right?) It was a hard decision for Ben because it was pouring outside and I think he would have rather spent the day on the couch. But I always know how to get him excited so I decided we should treat ourselves with a Lindt Hot Chocolate in the city. Thank god it wasn't much of a walk so we didn't get too wet in that rain.
Benny is always a bit sceptic about branded places, thinks they are overpriced and doesn't really like them. Oh well I kind of forced him to go with me and - oh surprise - he liked it.

I loved how we got the cup, the chocolate and milk separtely so you can mix your own hot chocolate (plus it was actually 2 cups, which is good considering it was quite expensive)

I couldn't resist buying a piece of cake...even though it was $13 for that tiny piece (I didn't tell Ben how much it was because I knew he wouldn't get it). Now read the description and understand my purchase: White Chocolate Framboise - An impressive layered cake of white chocolate mousse, almond success and raspberry puree, finished with a ruby glaze of pureed raspberries and a shard of white chocolate. Sounds amazing right?! I loved it. And I knew when Ben paid he thought I am retarded to buy a piece of cake for that much money. (I know because he heard the sum and said: "Umm can I see the bill please because I don't think we had that much..." and I had to tell him that the cake was maybe a bit more than expected...) But he didn't complain, so everything was good!


Anonymous said...

That looks like some seriously delicious cake! And I would love to get hold of some Lindt hot chocolate, yummmmmm.

NIXNAX said...

I am drooling

KK said...

yeah it was pretty amazing!!!! I am thinking of getting some Lindt chocolate in the supermarket and make my own hot chocolate at home :)

AspirationsOfGlam said...

Lindt hot chocolate!? OH my!!
Thank you for commenting on my blog, because now Im lead to yours!
I <3 your style so I am hoping for a vintage education in future!
Get me on that sub list!!