Saturday, 24 September 2011

Surprise from Austria

I was so happy when I saw the card for a parcel pick  up in my mailbox! I already knew it was going to be a parcel from the other side of the world! I picked it up and it was huge! I love it when my mum sends stuff, because even though she usually has a reason to send me things like medication or books, she always puts little treats in it as well. This time she sent me cooking stuff and sweets. Oh, I  already forgot how much I miss Austrian candy and chocolate, plus I love sweets. (It is kind of weird I guess, but when Benny and I go out for dinner, the first thing I look at in the menu is the dessert.) BACK to my parcel! Because my mum is the best in the world, she also sent me clothes and beauty stuff AND recipes. I miss her. One more month until I can give her a big thank-you-hug in Austria!

Sometimes I am thinking why can't Australia be any closer to Austria. But then people would probably mix those two countries up. Like they almost sound the same, you know what I mean? So maybe it is good that they aren't that close. (I am joking) I just wish I could have at least a every second week a visit home, I could deal with one visit per month too. But with 26 hours minimum flight time and return prices from $2.000 it's quite hard...

This is why I am telling you right now - if you live close to your family, give them a hug, because I can't. And I miss it a lot. 

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NIXNAX said...

I miss it too. Nice blog :)